You're In Relationship With Everything

Aug 31, 2021


"Somebody saw through the sheets of my cage, went in there, and embraced me. 

You’re in Relationship With EVERYTHING

Each day it’s so easy to just jump into your to-do list, and forget a gigantic reality of life.


You’re in a relationship with everything.


Okay, well what can we do with that?

I like giving my clientele a little exercise. Let’s try it right now.


Take out a piece of paper and write down three things that aren’t okay with your relationship to work.

Flip the paper over and write down three things that aren’t okay with your relationship to your body.

It could be your relationship to friends, to your spouse, to sex, to money, to earning. 


We’re in relationship to all these things. 

So how are ALL these relationships for you?



Let me give you an example from my life. 


I had a friend call me out on lying to people awhile back.

Wait, what?! 
That’s how I received it, but it was true. It scared me.


There are lots of reasons to lie. 
A big one is because you don’t want people to know how much money you REALLY have.


People don’t go around talking openly about money! There’s room to lie.
That’s what was happening with me back then. 


I liked looking like I had money, even if I didn’t.


In that brutal instant my friend confronted me, I realized right then I wanted to commit to something more than I was being.


My relationships with people, and with money, were suddenly vivid and undeniable.


And I wanted change. I asked for help from the Universe.
You want to know what happened? 


My Lies of Money book is what happened. It came straight out of that confrontation.


The Beginning of Healing

Here’s the big picture.

When you specify what you want to change, you exhibit the necessary bravery to carry it out.


That’s an incredible moment, isn’t it? It’s like a fulcrum able to move your entire life. That’s the power of acknowledging “what is” and turning around and committing to something new.


It’s the beginning of your desire waking up, and changing your future.

Now What?

Do you understand my exercise now?

Well, what did you write down?


What relationship to your life is your desire going to shift someplace fresh and NEW?

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