Change You - Change Your Life!

Jan 06, 2022

“Change you – change your life!”

Dr. Lisa Cooney

How Do You Know You’re in a Cage?

What does being in a cage feel like? 

You can be caged

  • in your relationship
  • In your health
  • with money

You can be caged anywhere in life.

How do you identify it? 

Y’know…so that you can change it!

The Bars of the Cage

In the cage you feel like you can't think.

  • You're frustrated.
  • You’re tired.
  • Everything is dense and muddy.
  • You can't make a decision.
  • You feel foggy in your brain.
  • You want everything and everyone to get away from you, to just leave you alone!

Relationship Cages

Let’s take the example of a relationship cage.

You'll start noticing the same kind of conflict arising. It’s like some kind of argument that just never seems to resolve.

That tells you something is going on.

There's something you're trying to get done and it's just no-no-no-no-no. If you're struggling chronically, that's a cage. You're in a cage.

At one point in my life, I realized I was chronically conflicted. 
But not just in one relationship. It was throughout my whole relationship history. 

The Good News

There is a silver lining, though. You're the common denominator!

Yes, that’s a GOOD thing. 

That means if you change YOU, you can walk out of that cage.

Let’s stay with our example of a relationship cage. What is one action people can take to get out of a relationship cage?

Ask yourself questions and listen.

You can't change what you don't know. Wouldn’t you have already gotten free of that cage if you knew the way?

You have to get BEYOND what you know, to what you don't know.

That’s what the ROAR® technique delivers. We trace life back to its core causes that have slipped out of your sight in life.

When you dissolve constrictions like those? Oh, you'll get free.

Getting Myself Free

OMG, like I said…I was in a relationship cage for most of my life. 

Little by little, I got rid of old belief systems that created relationships that were unsatisfactory. 

I had a fundamental belief in my unloveableness, unworthiness.

I thought I was truly a mistake, a shame, evil.

No surprise that those beliefs showed up in my relationships over and over!
I had no choice but to attract people who acted like those beliefs were true.

What a mess. I had to get free of those cages.


You know what happened after I dissolved those cages?

I learned who I am. 

That’s the trade-off: stop living the lies, and you learn your truth.

I started sleeping better right away. 

The child inside me started inspiring me more. Yes, she’s still in there! That joyful creature.

All the kids out there inspire me to keep going with my work.

All the kids in the world deserve food in their belly, peace in their mind, and someone to reach out to.

Who Keeps Me Going?

Now that I’m out of the cage who am I listening to? 

My mentor is the universe.

My mentor is my spiritual experiences 

I mean the experiences I had at a young age that showed me there was a bigger reality, a reality that we can't see - bringing awareness, bringing healing.

If I tap into that energy, which I do every single day, that's where energy comes from.

This blog was inspired by an episode on YouTube, if you'd like even more information on this topic.

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