A Childhood Helper

Dec 14, 2021

A Childhood Helper

One of the things that’s helped me my whole life is my awareness.

And that started early.

I had an experience as a little girl. I was 7 years old, back in New York. I was playing with my little stereo - I thought I was so cool! All of a sudden the entire world of what I was looking at, my toys, my all just kind of melted away. Energies, sounds, tones, lights – what I now know as entities, elementals, sprites, angels – flooded my room. There was even some creepy energy. And my heart was THUMPING.

I was so scared!

But then I got through the initial shock. Everything was fine. 

I was still pretty much like, WOAH.

From My Childhood Bedroom to Helping Others

Some of the information I got that day has helped with my whole career, decades.

So weird how it started at 7.

Why talk about all this?

Well, for many years I would do my work privately, in small groups. Awareness, speaking, communicating, receiving from this other world.

We can call it other, but it's right here with us! It made me so happy when I found tools for working with that layer of reality more closely.

I found ways to cooperate with it.

And from there I thought, “I could take that, and help others collaborate with the Universe, with something bigger than ourselves.”

How does that sound for you?

Let’s Go!

Let's increase your awareness, release what no longer serves you, get you really present with yourself, and rally the magical possibility posse that you are – in your own unique way – let's work with that magic!

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