Are you being kind to you?

Dec 07, 2021

Buying Something Nice

Sometimes I buy myself something really nice.


But then.

The feelings.

Sometimes I feel regret

Maybe I used a credit card, and I feel crazy about that when I see the bill later.
Or sometimes I feel empty.

Even when I pay in cash, sometimes that happens. 

It’s like, I behaved responsibly! I paid up front, and saved up.
But I settle into...meh.  

“Yah, I got something nice, but it’s just a thing.”
Same nice thing, but so unpredictable how it goes after I buy it.

So maybe it’s not about the nice thing.
And maybe it’s not even about whether I use cash or credit.

Maybe it’s just about whether I can receive it.


You can receive in fear, in desire, in self-hatred, or in inspiration.

Money and food can be similar this way.

You can shove food in your mouth in desperation, to escape. Or you can eat just the food your body was requesting, in self-love.

So how have you been spending money, and receiving what you purchase?

My book Lies of Money is where I talk about my own history about money.

Sometimes money can be an ugly thing, no matter where we use it, no matter what we buy with it. 

I’ve experienced that ugliness myself. And it was ironic, because all that ugly discomfort about money was from...a mistake.

The government sent me a big tax bill, and it was their mistake. Thank goodness I didn’t owe them that big bill!

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

I’m here to tell you money can be a unit of free exchange.

Of reciprocity.

Of receiving gladly, and paying gladly.

It can be a part of your inspiration, a joy to use.

What if money was just a unit of energy, and we all shared that energy, passed it around in companionship with each other, buying things from each other that were mutually supportive?

I think that’s possible!

What About You?

What’s money and receiving like for you right now?

Is it a dream, or a nightmare? Is it gratitude or guilt?

I have so much I can share with you about that, whether through my blog posts about money, my book Lies of Money, or even Cage Talks about money.

I want to be part of your healing.

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