Breathing Through My Money Fears.

Oct 19, 2021

“I breathed and I could actually feel my breath”

Have You Ever

Have you ever looked at your bank account knowing that it wasn't going to be what you wanted it to be

...and then it turned out better than you thought?

That’s good stuff!

Of course, I’ve had the other thing happen too.

Like, I go to the ATM and look at my balance.

And it’s a couple dollars. Or a zero.


Isn't that funny how we can have the very worst we can imagine…

...but we can't have the very best we can imagine?


What’s that all about?


I remember when I was living in Arizona. This was just after my father had passed away. 

I was in my twenties. 

And I was really focused on changing my financial reality. Something about the death of a loved one makes a person very serious.

And I was working a lot of hours. I was already doing good work, and I made money!

But it wasn’t that simple.
I didn’t manage my money.

And underneath that was something even more important.
I didn’t respect money.

So I worked.
And I didn’t keep anything.

And one day I actually watched as my balance dwindled down to zero.


Fears Upon You

When one of those ultimate fears actually comes true, well…

Let me ask you, has that ever happened to you?

This was one of my ultimate fears, financial ruin.

When it happened, though, it was the strangest thing.

Life persisted. Life kept going.

I stared at the zero in the bank, and then I started breathing.

I really dove into those breaths, felt them, stayed with them.

And life kept going, as it has to this day.

The Invisible Cage

When your fear is upon you, you learn an important lesson.

Fear isn't’ the boss.

There’s something much bigger, and that’s you.

I started to see the Invisible Cage I lived with around money. 

I started to see my love of going bankrupt, a strange, perverted compulsion.

And I started to change right there.

The real solution starts by unlocking what your Invisible Cage is around finances, but it could also be physical, psychological, energetic, spiritual, emotional.

These Cages crop up around life.

I’m here to help you decipher them, feel through them, and change your patterns until you’re on the outside of them...taking stock of your new life!

If no one’s told you they love you today, I do!

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