How To Actualize What You Desire!

Jul 23, 2021
Actualizing Your Desires

Actualizing For You

The universe doesn't do it for you. It collaborates with you."

- Dr. Lisa Cooney

Four Steps To Actualizing Your Desires.

I have a story for you about a horse.

I know I’m not the only admirer of these lovely animals. Horses have such powerful vibrations, they’ve helped humans for hundreds of years, and they’re so beautiful.

It dawned on me that I wanted a horse of my own. Even though I didn't have a background with horses. Like, I was a newbie. But that was my desire, so I felt those feelings, felt right into all the horse-desire arising in me.


Manifesting My Horse

I started focusing on the horse. What would it be? 

Big or small? 

What breed?

Looking at these questions, I actually realized I didn't have a position. I just wanted a horse! 

I viewed the horse as an extraordinary pet, an animal I could have wonderful communication with. I used to hear from mentors, “everything I learned in life I learned from a horse.”

Then I started getting educated.

Horses are a luxury buy. They come after you've squared away responsibilities, and there’s money left over. But that's where I was at the time.

I took riding lessons. I learned how much upkeep a horse requires. It’s like buying a house - you have to examine the foundation, the roof, the electrical system, all of it.

When I plunged into learning what my horse project required, a funny thing happened.


Desire and Enthusiasm - Not Always Hand in Hand

The strange truth is I started losing energy. Have you ever been in that place? You know full-well you’re on a path that matters, but the desire fades. Maybe there’s adversity, maybe some new fear crops up, maybe some obstacle drops in your path.

In the end I stayed with it, though. I listened inside, and that voice was after a horse! It can get overwhelming manifesting, taking the actions and harboring faith. It's important to stay in tune with your joy.  

Me and My Horse

I have that horse now. I’m picturing her right now. Everything turned out different than what I expected, but I got my horse. She’s in Costa Rica right now. Eventually she went to live at a property where I'm an investor. She’s available to many more people this way, and I know energetically that’s the right outcome. See, the less focus I put onto how it HAS TO BE, the more spontaneous the actual creation turned out.


Steps to Actualizing

  • Start with your ASK.

 Before I ask the universe to bless me, I have to get clear about the blessing I want. Sometimes that’s the hardest part, isn’t it? 

Getting away from the busy part of life, settling down into quiet. Write down on a piece of paper what's inside you. Get clear about what you’re asking.

  • Invoke the energy regularly

Sometimes I put my hands on my chest and pubic bone and envision energy around me.

I put it out, and pull it back. I feel it expand: from home, to home town, to country, to the whole world. It's like stretching a rubber band, but it's like an infinite rubber band.

I don't know how my desire will turn out - but I know it will be.  

  • Ask

Ask the Universe for guidance. You can try something like this:

"Thank you, Universe. Show me how to actualize this with total ease. I'm grateful and fulfilled, and so it is."

And then leave it. 

  • Take Action With What’s in Front of You

 See, when you awaken your desire... you'll start seeing it. If you’re true to that desire, if you envision and ask for something energetically aligned with it, results will come.

And then it’s up to you to get brave...and ACT.

For me, it was envisioning that beautiful horse, but then learning about horses. Learning to ride, learning to take care of them. I planned financially. And I kept my eyes peeled. 

And now I have my horse.

So, what’s your horse?



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