Happy no matter What!

Nov 08, 2021



"I wanted happiness with myself"  

When I got out of my last big relationship I decided to be single until I got happy in my life. And I mean, happy no matter what.

I wanted happiness with myself, my circumstances, my people.

I wanted total contentment, total abundance, attracting everything I wanted. 

And if there’d be another relationship? Well, great.

But not before I got right with myself.  

It’s a great place to be!

Working on your own well-being is the foundation for everything.

See, when you get to your happy place you learn...what makes you happy.  I know! It sounds so obvious. But think of everyone in your life - including you maybe - who’s occupied with jobs, relationships, responsibilities that aren’t right. 

When you get right with you, you get right with everything.

  • Your business.
  • Your connection to your family.
  • Your self-esteem around your body.
  • Your hobbies.

Intimacy with myself included doing uncomfortable things, stretching beyond my routine. I went to places socially I didn’t want to attend alone. But I went.  And I had to let some things go that I once believed I loved.

But then I got okay with myself. 

When you have that education...well, guess what you’re ready for?


My Partner

This is where I met my partner.  I mean, the love of my life popped into my world.  And I wasn’t even looking for it.  As I realized the goodness of this partnership, it was like a neon sign the size of a billboard:  “KEEP LEANING INTO IT.”



And so I say to you:

Find out what makes you happy.

That goes for your business, your body, your time, your friends - all of it.  Then watch the universe throw you some serious warm-fuzzies. Like a great partnership even! 

Choose for you, commit to you, and the universe will conspire with you.


You’ll never fall for anyone or anything else again.

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