The Evolution of Nurturing Relationships

Oct 26, 2021

The Evolution

You know what used to nurture me? 

Feeling bad nurtured me.

That’s what I thought was right, in relationships, in life. 

And then I had it.



Kurt Kobain had a line in a Nirvana song that makes me smile. “I miss the comfort in being sad.”

I mean, we like to feel good in life - but sadness has its charms too, am I right?

When you’re sad you have an excuse.
When you’re sad you can stay in bed.
When you’re sad it’s their fault.
When you’re sad, you’ve got nothing to lose.

That had to change for me.



I asked my partner the other day: how do you know you're in a nurturing relationship?

My partner was like, 'you respect me, you love me, you're kind to me, you listen to me.'

Wow. Great stuff!

But I had to RECEIVE it. I actually had to take a moment just hearing this.
It wasn’t always this way! So what changed?


I had to make a CHOICE

Someone once told me I chose love from people who would “walk over my cold, dead body.” From people who absolutely didn’t care about me.

Eventually I became interested in learning who would be there for me, who WOULDN’T ditch me.

It was a process. And that’s why I’m always telling my clientele that one degree shifts make a difference. They change the course of your life.


One thing that’s usually necessary is moving away from the hold. With my relationships, I did some 'decluttering'!

And from there I felt into it. Little by slowly.

I knew whenever I was in a situation with anyone and my body felt inspired - that's a nurturing relationship! I kept those folks around.

And sometimes the other thing happened. And I released those people with love.


What It’s Like Now

I see the evidence of my relationship evolution everywhere.
Nothing in my world is non-nurturing.

Remember: when you devote your energy to a new choice, and you stick to it, and you take action, it calls the universe to collaborate with you.

Sometimes just taking a bite of yummy food, going for a walk, reading a good book in the sunshine, working out - these things are enough action to bump the energy level. And then momentum begins.

Listen, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 
I’m here to help, to share my experience, to help you any way I can.

Choice creates!

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