“Don't stop! Keep going...keep going...keep going!”

Nov 30, 2021

 Connecting With the World

I had the greatest experience the other day.

I was with my two great loves.

My beloved partner, and my Bella (my furbaby).

And then it just came over me.

I Always Knew

I always knew it was possible, even during the pandemic. Especially during the pandemic, 

But this awareness finally just crept over me.

I was thinking, I've accomplished a lot! And I feel connected with my body, I feel connected to myself.

I felt connected to my two loves there with me.

But then I FELT it.

I just felt connection with them. 

And it expanded.

I felt connection with Texas.
I felt it with my beloved Mexico.

Then with the whole world.

I was just so appreciative.

Then There Was More

And what came next? The desire for everyone to feel this relaxation, ease, breath, serenity.

I was opposing nothing — it was pure being.

I also realized my intention, my motivation. My motivation is to be a contribution.

I've come to grasp my ultimate priority. I realize nothing is more important than my own peace of mind, my responsibility to continue my contribution to the world, and that's it.

From that space there's only giving available. 

The Past Creeps Up

There’s a small part of me that regrets missing out on this. I missed out for so long.

But that’s no big deal. I feel it and then it’s over.

My mistakes are what brought me to where I am now! They’re cause for gratitude.

Sometimes I'm around people and they seem on edge. I always notice this, because the truth is, is, WE OURSELVES create the space where we dwell, the physiological and spiritual space.

We can make a painful dwelling place, or we can make a garden.


Your Turn

Let me ask you: what's your contribution?

There’s something in you, and it’s coming out. I promise.

Don’t let distractions get your attention.

Choose the priority of your well being, your gratitude, your peace...YOU.

I’m always here to help you.

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