They Say, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. I say...

Sep 28, 2021

“I was never good at leaving - I would stay and not end anything.”


Rah Rah Rah!

Do you know that Lady Gaga song “Bad Romance?” It’s a song about being in a relationship with the worst part of a person. It’s a great tune, though! We can all kinda relate.

But I’ve been that person too much, that person who stays even when the relationship has stopped being alive.

And it’s painful.









When I finally hit a hard enough rock bottom, I changed. I became someone who wants MORE, even if it meant moving  on.

That’s the best thing about rock bottom - there’s nowhere to go but up.

I moved on to JOY, and away from TEDIUM. I moved on to PEACE, and away from BORING.


Desperation or Inspiration

Now I required the desperation of rock bottom, but I know another example where change happened via inspiration.

Let me tell you about my friend who can’t get up in the morning.

You know these people, maybe you’re one of them.

He wakes up like an old car. The motor starts, but it goes slow. It takes a long time for him to get going.

My friend’s like someone who’s in a relationship with...sleep. But it's too much sleep. It's sleeping in. It's wasting the morning.  It’s another bad romance.



My friend really wanted to change. 

He wanted those morning hours for productivity. Being undisciplined with morning time was quietly breaking his heart. His day starts with meditation, and that was tricky. He used to stagger out of bed, sit down on the floor, and meditate.

We'll, sometimes.

And sometimes he didn’t. He’d just stay in bed. Then he’d go back to sleep, and be late. Then the morning would be gone.

One day he had a simple idea.

He moved his meditation station to the next room. Whoa! EVERYTHING changed. After he walked out of the bedroom...BOOM, he was awake.



Now he’s got a different commitment, a different relationship to his time. He’s committed to using his time, especially those morning hours, for productive routine. Have you experienced a change like this, where you finally had the right idea?

Maybe you stumbled in monogamy to a bad idea for awhile, but then the shift happened.

What’s the next thing you want to change?

  • Maybe it’s your career.
  • Maybe it’s time with that difficult friend.
  • Maybe it’s some other old habit.















I’m Here in Support

Change is hard, but we have to embrace it.

And I’m here to help.

For now


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