When Your Body Is A Cage

Oct 05, 2021

“Our body seems to be something we fight with.”


When Your Body Is a Cage

Not that long ago, my body grabbed my attention.

Man, we were really not communicating.

I was in the middle of stressing out. I was cranking through some serious sugar, serious carbohydrates. I had some habits, and I was getting unconscious with them.

I was just surviving. I find a lot of us have been living that way lately.


Body and Pandemic

How did you respond to the pandemic?

Pick up some weight? Pick up a LOT of weight?

Listen, I get it. 

When the shutdown happened in Texas last year, you could get in trouble just for appearing too close to someone in public. Getting to the gym became impossible. And Netflix became the best friend some of us ever had!

A lot of us acted out. And that means a lot of us put on weight.

A lot of us lost track of the light, beautiful, spontaneous feel of our bodies. 

It sounds like I'm talking about 2020 and Covid-19 but really…I'm talking about The Cage. 

Stay with me now. 


Feeling the Cage

Remember The Cage? 

The Cage is my name for the ugly beliefs that aren't true, but that we believe anyway. The Cage is the invisible unreality that nonetheless causes us to act out. The Cage is the lies of the past, sabotaging our present. 

It’s so hard to talk about The Cage, because The Cage hides in plain sight.

It can look like stress about your kids. 

It can look like a demanding change of jobs. 

It can look like a wedding. 

It can look like a divorce.

I’ve found that clients of mine have trouble walking away from those tough situations. They pick up ugly beliefs. That’s The Cage.

Fortunately, it’s possible to see and shed those beliefs. 


Freeing Yourself

I have a saying: it’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.

Especially with habits around our bodies, the ROAR Technique is all about locating The Cage, those old beliefs, so we can walk away from them.

The truth is, your body already knows. It’s just so hard to hear that good internal awareness when we have old habits, and old ideas.


Like I Was Saying

I started the blog talking about my body, and how we weren’t communicating.

Fortunately, I started getting back into awareness there. So grateful for that.

And I’m here to help when you’re ready to get back to what works for you, the real you.


I’m ready to help you back to what’s light and right!

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