The Only Constant Is Change

Nov 23, 2021

“Be you and have some fun creating!”

Asking and Receiving

I have a friend who got some tough news over the summer.

The house where he grew up was sold to another family.

Now, this place had always been there for him! 

Sure, it looked different. His sister’s family lived there now. 

But he could still go and visit. It was a little slice of childhood.


I get the energy of that change. It hurts. 
But it’s nothing to worry about.

The Only Constant Is Change

I’ve had to say goodbye too, many times. I had to say goodbye to my dad. I talk about that with clients.

It hurts. There’s mourning and memories.

Something that really comforts me is looking at what I have now.

And I want to tell you: we have a lot, so much to be grateful for.



When people feel sadness about the past, sometimes I just want to say, “what are you up to RIGHT NOW?!”

I know people who are in a rut, they’re bored! And I notice people who have such desires and yearning inside them, but they’re not taking action.

They just don’t believe something special is possible.

I have tools for that! Special sauce, as I sometimes call it! Heh. 

The Universe

Here’s the truth: the Universe is ready and just waiting to help you. Right now! I’m serious.

The Universe is dying to collaborate with you. Especially on what you really want. 


You Have to Ask

Then again, if you don’t ain’t gonna come! 

The Universe wants to know we believe in our cause.

The Universe wants to hear our desire, and see our belief in it. 

It’s like, “oh, you want true love? You want prosperity? You want a strong body? You want more connection to your family? Well, let me make sure I see you committed to that desire.” 

And if you’re committed? 

Then you just have to listen. The Universe comes right on the scene to help your dreams materialize.

Speaking From Experience

I speak from experience here.

A few years ago I didn’t know where my life was headed.

But eventually I understood that creating one good day after another was a start.

So made a place to do that work every morning. I created each day in the wee small hours of the morning.

And days started unfolding beautifully. They brought me here, where I create bigger and bigger things.

That’s the fun of looking inside yourself, feeling your energy, getting ambitious, and asking the Universe for help.

All you have to do is ask.

And I’m here for you, if you’re still hesitating, remember, all it takes is a one-degree shift™.


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