Befriending Your Body

Sep 06, 2021

Befriending Your Body

"If you're not in relationship with your body, with YOU, where are you? 

Feeling Caged

Somebody asked me a weird question recently: 

“Hey, Dr. Lisa, where are you?”

I was standing right in front of them. 

And it was just the question I needed.
I was just really checked out! I was sleepwalking.

Sometimes this type of thing gets really risky for me. I’m so out of it. I have to talk to somebody, or else I’m headed to a very dark place.

It can happen when I’m busy traveling. I’ll be away from my life in the States, away from my usual time zone, my usual schedule.

And suddenly I look up, and realize I need to reconnect.
Really it means I need to reconnect with ME.

The Signs

Do you realize your relationship to your body is a primary relationship?  When are you *not* with your body? 

But sometimes I’m so disconnected.

What does disconnection look like? Here are some examples.

  • Decisions: I don’t know how to make my next decision. I start laboring instead of having the answer at hand.
  • Food: I don’t know what to eat. Or I’m not hungry. Or I’m eating all the things!
  • Exercise: I’m not motivated to move around. The couch starts looking like my old buddy.
  • Feelings: I can’t feel gratitude, or joy, or love.
  • Sex: Amazingly, sex becomes just another thing to do, a chore.

Yikes! I feel purposeless.
That’s when I know I’m disconnected from my body.

Fixing Disconnection

The most important thing to do is to recognize that something is the matter. 

I just take a moment to rate how connected I feel with my body, on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Then I get lined up with my YES and my NO. Right away!

If I need to, I use an energy-clearing technique. Sometimes I’m occupied with energy that doesn’t belong to me. 

And something that is encouraging in the midst of all this: my body is likely trying to tell me something.

Why do I have a headache?
Maybe it’s because I’m throwing myself into an unrealistic workload.

Why do I feel so run down? Maybe because I’m not prioritizing bed rest.

What am I still doing that's wearing me out because it's not delivering the objects I really desire?

What is my authentic YES? And how can I adjust, even just 1%, so my feet are walking towards it?

Getting Radical

Sometimes I really go back to square one.

What am I really after?

You know, I just started a serious house project. I’m talking about general contractors, work crews - the whole shebang.

A few days ago I took time to quiet down, and explore a brand new life.

I started with "Okay, Dr. Lisa is dead. She did everything she wanted to do. Now she just wants to be in her house, with her beloved, with her Bella, and just sits home in her room and just writes and gives talks."

I slept deeply on that. Is that the way forward?

Ha ha! It’s not! In fact, we have lots of new things in the mix.

But this is what I’m talking about. Getting clear with yourself, listening to your body. Your beloved vehicle for this life. It will pass along answers to you.

And of course, the Universe is the ultimate source for all answers.

I’ll leave you with some key questions. Take a moment with these:

  • What would give me joy?
  • What would feed my dreams?
  • What would make me smile?
  • What would feel like my birthday?

Remember to ask BIG and dream BIG. 

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