Do You Listen To Your Body?

Nov 02, 2021

 Ah Chocolate

We’ve all been there, right?

I’m talking about that feeling.

Everything around you starts to blur, and disappear.

And all you see is chocolate.

I’m talking about a hot tub of lovely, rich, dark chocolate, swirling lovingly, whispering for you to come swim.

And you want to go.

So much.

Hey! Believe me, I get it.

But where am I going with this?


Grabbing Hands

I’ve had a lot of experiences jumping on things. I’m talking about a cat diving on a mouse, that was me.


“Hey, I want to buy that!”


“Hey, I want to eat that!”


“Hey, I want to date THAT person...right now!”

And yes, that goes for chocolate too.

Like, it’s in my mouth before I even think about it.


So What’s the Problem?

Sometimes it’s easier to imagine being disconnected from our bodies.

When we get a big feeling, it’s kind of nice to act on it. Just get what you want.

But there are consequences.


I still struggle with it. Just the other day I pretty much had two breakfasts.

I felt heavy and full. I over ate, and it was a bad decision.

For many years though, I actually had no skills for dealing with those moments of overwhelming desire.

And that’s no way to live.

From Overfullness to the Fullness of Time

Over time I’ve been able to learn from those mistakes. That’s the great thing about mistakes.

But let me tell you where it went, because this has become a foundation for my life.

Picture a giant bicycle wheel.

There’s a tire. That’s the outermost part of the wheel, the part that rubs against the road, against the world around you, against your circumstances.

But then there are spokes. And those are you, but it’s the narrow parts of you.

The spokes are things like your work life, your relationship life, your sex life. The different sections of your life.

So what’s left after that?


Listening to the Center

What’s at the center of you?

That’s what I’m talking about here.

It’s your body. 

And to have a good life, you have to be friends with your body.

Whenever you jump into something without asking your body, you're going to risk ending up feeling dense, feeling heavy. You’ll wonder 'why did I say yes?'

And that’s okay! Because your body is right there waiting for you.


Where It Goes

So what do you get from this conversation with your body?

Well, in time I felt better. Like, duh!

But then it extended out from there.

  • My relationships improved
  • My business improved
  • My energy improved
  • My sex life improved

All of it.

Listen, I know about those chocolate moments.

But hang in there, and listen a little closer.

What’s your body really saying?

What’s it saying right now?

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