Have you desired to create a daily practice of presence with yourself?

  • Time for YOU
  • More awareness
  • Presence in any situation
  • Tools to navigate distraction
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CultivatingEnergetic Presence 21-Day Series.



What is Cultivating Presence?

"The Cultivating Presence challenge is something that I've wanted to do for a really long time. Cultivating presence for me, has been historically hard. And then it changed because I kept going after it. I wanted to be present and relaxed being present and embodied. And I had to practice that. Because half the time my head can be five feet in front of my feet. And that's never pretty. I started this practice for myself several years ago to deepen my practice with me, with my body and with the world." -Dr. Lisa


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Are you ready to change your life? 

This 21-day challenge is designed to assist you in getting present with yourself regardless of what is occurring in your life. After 21 days of practice, you will be able to master this exercise and create a new pattern/habit for you and your life. 


  • You will have guidance in a new video with Dr. Lisa every day for the first 7 days. 
  • For week 2 and week 3 the 7 videos will be repeated allowing you to go deeper in the exercises each time. 
  • The challenge will start with Dr. Lisa showing you how to set up your space for a better experience.
  • Each video will contain an energetic meditative type experience with tips for breathing, asking for more, getting deeper in your presence and knowing yourself.

This Virtual Challenge includes:

  • Repeatable weeks that you can take beyond the first 21 days.
  • In app (Kajabi) product for access from devices with ease.
  • (7) Videos with Dr. Lisa where she will guide you and take you through short daily meditative exercises.
  • A section for questions and comments.
  • Daily practice suggestions 

You can choose to walk away with a deeper presence and knowing of yourself, acknowledgment of great things about you, a routine to include yourself in creating your life and reaching your targets.  Most of all, you get YOU!

🖥️ Days 1-7 of Cultivating Presence

Week One: This week you will be moving through each meditation for the first time. This is the beginning of a new practice with you.

🖥️ Days 8-14 of Cultivating Presence

Week Two: This week you will repeat the meditations from week one. Listen for new things that you may not have heard before.

🖥️ Days 15-21 of Cultivating Presence

Week Three: This week you will repeat the meditations from week one and two. By this week you are creating a routine. Keep going! You've got this.
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Meet Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa has not only survived years of abuse on many levels, she built a pathway for others to know they matter, know they deserve, and action steps to creating beyond what has happened.

With all Dr. Lisa has experienced, she’s used every tool that she facilitates to better her life.  She’s raw, she’s real and she sticks with it all the way through.

Listen to Raw & Real With Dr. Lisa.



This course really helped me to give myself time every day that I always thought was impossible as a mom.

Sherri - San Francisco, CA 

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