"Dr. Lisa is a true gift. I've taken many classes with her and she always delivers. Her unique methods have completely changed my life and given me practical, everyday tools to keep on growing."

-Julia M. Albuquerque NM

Experience the power of the Creation Station™ for yourself and BE... 

  • Introduced to Dr. Lisa's personal Creation Station™.
  • Guided through the process of “showing up” daily and learning how to be fully present.
  • Assisted with liberating your thinking from the doubts that hold you back. 

Dr. Lisa has personally designed each of these pieces to provide an incredible experience whether you are meeting her for the first time or you have been working together for years!  

By choosing all of the Creation Station™ experiences you will collect your own set of "I don't know how" cards that are certain to become an integral part of your own Creation Station™.  

All materials are immediately downloadable and include an audio by Dr. Lisa herself,  A full color PDF and a printable, ready to cut PDF you can choose to print and start your "I don't know how" card collection.


The Creation Station™ experience:

  • Use free form exploration to uncover your own true desires.
  • Formulate powerful “I Don't Know How” statements.
  • Daily visualization of your magnificent future.

All delivered to you through a series of self-paced audio and exquisite written materials that you can print and use as inspiration.

With the Creation Station™ you will:

  • Discover the “space” that is right for you
  • Explore and identify the elements to include as part of your own unique Creation Station™.
  • Commit to a DAILY dedicated time to spend at your Creation Station™
  • Learn new techniques to practice at your Creation Station™ that will help you design, shape and construct your future
  • Share Dr. Lisa's 10+ years of creating and using the Creation Station™ with tools and techniques to accelerate you on your path!

"I want you to have your own Creation Station™

Join me in my Creation Station™ so that you can discover how to conceive and design your own amazing future!" - Dr. Lisa 

The Creation Station™ Experience.

New meditative creations will be offered frequently that allow you to build a full deck of "I Don't Know How" cards. A Creation Station™ immersion program starts February 1, 2023, click the button and reserve your VIP seat.

Creation Station™ #1

Getting Started with the Creation Station™ 

Dr. Lisa shares an audio recorded guide to introduce you to everything required to start your very own Creation Station™.

  • Where to set up.
  • What to include.
  • How to use the "I don't know how" statements.

With each of these meditative creations, you receive "I don't know how" statements. collect them all for a full deck. 


"In classes I have heard Dr. Lisa speak about her Creation Station. I knew I had to have this. It's better than I imagined, I have already started my very own Creation Station and I've never been more present with myself and what I desire."

-Rosie Dallas TX


I'm Dr. Lisa

Over the past 25 years I've supported thousands of clients to alchemize trauma into beauty. After working through my own past abuse, I've developed a powerful and impactful technique, called the ROAR® Method, which supports clients to break free depression anxiety and abuse to create a radically alive living. 


I have a Doctorate in Psychology and a private marriage and family therapy practice. I live in Arlington, Texas, with my gorgeous wife and three amazing puppies, Bella, Bimba and Pelusa. I travel globally and receive clients at my healing sanctuary for in-person sessions and Soul Print Immersions.